"Where I create, there I am true" - R. M. Rilke

The Armenian composer and pianist, based in Germany, is known for her musical depth and sensitive sound.

Intimate and poetic, Marie's music aims at communicating the depth of human emotions. Her music, always centered around her instrument, the piano, draws influences from the life experiences that have shaped her as a human, from deep roots in classical traditions to recurrent folkloristic harmonic elements of her nativ Armenia. Her compositions are centered around elegantly crafted melodies and their evolving discourse, at once deep and intimate, aimed to bring about simplicity through the sophistication of a classically crafted pianistic language.    



Though classically trained, Through time her interest in other than classical music, awakened in her the need to start writing and playing her own compositions, which became her passion and inspiration since 5 years.

Her music is described as cinematic and melancholic, reflecting her daily life and experience. Musically a mixture of the three different cultures she was raised with, inviting the listeners to her deeper feelings of  joy, sadness, hope, disappointment and longing, but yet leaving them to experience their own inner world to create their own space of imagination and emotions . Her style is a mixture of modern classic with a touch of minimal music, sometimes with a flair of  her Armenian roots, giving a fresh touch to the atmosphere of her pieces. 



Born into a musical family in Lebanon, she started to take piano lessons at the age of nine, till  she obtained a bachelor degree in piano performance from the Lebanese National Conservatory.

2000 she went to persue her piano studies in Germany where she was a student of Prof. Christopher Oakden at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hannover. During her studies, she did much research on the Armenian traditional music, specifically on "Vagharshabad Dance" as seen through the eyes of Komitas and Babadjanian.

This was the first step towards reconnecting herself with the Armenian musical roots, which led to the performance of many traditional and folkloric piano pieces arranged in the 19th and 20th century. this was a period of intensive composition as well, during which her first Cello piece "Waltzer" was completed, followed by more piano solo pieces.


During the classical period of time, In between her demanding schedule of chamber music concerts, solo piano performances and accompaniment engagements, she has also performed the Schumann Piano Concerto with the Lebanese National Orchestra.


In 2015 she released her first solo album "Echoes".

Her second album "Searching"  was released in 2017,  which reflects her deepest inner world of emotions as well as the longing for the Armenian roots.

Since 2018 she is active playing concerts in Germany and Europe, also collaborating with different artists for different projects, studio recordings and live performances. 


In February 2019 she had the opportunity to record a very special album in Budapest, on the unique Klavins Concert Una Corda M189, which was written specially for this instrument, and released in November 2020 on vinyl via Oscarson Label. Followed by a Single 'Alone' on the Legendary Deutsche Grammophone Label, in their Project XII series.





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