Released 2017


As an Armenian pianist, born in Lebanon and living many years in Germany, this CD depicts a journey which searches for my roots, my

identity, my musical existance. It is my attempt to determine who I am and who I want to be.

Each composition represents a search , trying to discover myself in everyday life, whether it is being overloaded with work oremotions, depicting the ups or downs or simply enjoying a few happy moments.

It is an overwhelming feeling, when I am able to sit at the piano to create a musical piece,  that captures a particular emotion, or an aspect, and later giving me the possibility to share it with you. Each time I play, it would remind me of that certain moment, that certain feeling, to make me realize, that this search for me is a way of being, and my way to keep on going, through my emotions...


SEARCHING is a part of my path I started a couple years ago, trying to find my place in music. Although this album is complete, I am still searching..

I hope you will enjoy the pieces as much as I enjoyed creating them.




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