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Una Corda Diaries (Vinyl)

Released 2020

In a world of uncertainties, chaos and imbalance, a diary is a door towards safety, comfort, and intimacy. Laying down emotions and anxiety, describing desires and fears, answers of the day and questions of tomorrow. A diary is like a faithful friend that holds our whole inner world within its lines, giving us the space to think, to remember or to let things go, to have the freedom to cry, to laugh, to love, to hate and to dream. Keeping track of our daily life experiences, sharing our deepest secrets, lightens the soul, engraving memories we don’t want to forget. 

As a child, I used to find my escape by playing the piano. Music is an instant art and can only be experienced in direct relation with silence and time. It is a space where I could move free and express all my feelings through playing. Therefore composing music became kind of my personal diary. Instead of typing words, I prefer to write melodies. 

This album reflects stories about beginnings, endings, and everything in between. It’s about life and its opportunities, about some feelings which never find their way out. It is about finding balance, between who we are and what we think we are, the doubts that we carry within us, and the fears that we try to overcome. Those glimpses of diaries are short stories about feelings, which even if they are personal, they are still common and familiar to each and every one of us. It’s a message about reminding ourselves and others, that we are not alone... 

Seven days, seven improvisations that later I transformed into seven short pieces. Paradoxically secret experiences and yet still universal emotions. Like preludes, inviting the listener to a sonic experience of sound and its reflections, through this unique instrument, but still giving them the space to reinvent their own stories... 

I hope this album will bring a peaceful space into your life and accompany your struggling days, like a caring friend, guiding you to some joy in your daily routine. 

This is for all those who are left behind and had to say goodbye. Enjoy playing . 

Truly yours, Marie 

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